The Most Common Causes Behind Right Arm Pain

Probably the first thing one fears when experiencing right arm pain is the possibility of a heart attack. While the typical symptom for a heart attack is a pain in the LEFT arm, many still have that voice in the back of their mind whispering that pain in the right arm may still be significant to a heart attack. We are going to discover other common causes behind arm pain that may seem a bit more probable in your circumstance. If you have any fear that your heart may be experiencing performance issues, it is best if you contact your doctor immediately. Even if heart issue is ruled out by your doctor, at least you can gain some peace of mind and start searching for other causes behind your right arm pain.

The first cause we are going to discuss is muscle strain. This is a very common development that many people tend to overlook when experiencing pain in the arm. When the muscle tissue has become overworked and overstretched to the point that damage has been done, the result can mean quite a lot of pain in the arm, shoulder, and even neck area. The severity of the pain really just depends on how much damage has been to the tissues, and in some cases bruising may develop if the blood vessels have sustained damage. In addition to general pain and bruising, the muscles in your arm may also be tender, stiff, swollen, or even inflamed. Treatments for muscle strain vary, but most people find that ice, compression, pain medication, and good old fashioned rest are effective.

A common cold could also be the cause of all your worry and arm pain! There are over 200 types of “common cold” strains that can cause all sorts of upset in your body’s natural functioning. Muscle soreness and stiffness, as well as muscle numbness are common symptoms of the cold. It can take over a week to recover from a cold, and the average adult contracts between two to four colds each year. If arm pain and numbness are accompanied by a runny/blocked nose or sneezing, sore throat, coughing, fever and/or chills, headache, and overall fatigue, then you likely are dealing with the common cold.

Diabetes could also be a possible culprit behind both left and right arm pain. The body can have some pretty severe reactions when sugar levels become too low or too high. If it is indeed diabetes causing your arm pain, then the severity of the pain can be dependent upon which type of diabetes you have and your body type in general. If diabetes goes untreated, the symptoms may increase from vague or mild to severe and even life threatening. Other symptoms of diabetes aside from muscle pain include skin rashes/infections/itchiness/flakiness, drowsiness, excessive weight loss or gain, urinary tract infection, and even sexual problems such as erectile failure. If these symptoms seem to accompany your arm pain, you may want to make an appointment for your doctor to do a diabetes test. If your results come back positive, your doctor will discuss with you the degree of treatment best suitable for your condition.

Another cause of your right arm pain may be tendinitis. Tendinitis is a condition in which the tendons become inflamed. A tendon is a very tough corded tissue whose job is to keep muscle connected to the bone. Tendons can become inflamed through several means, but most commonly it occurs due to overuse of the muscles, an injury the muscle has sustained, or from rheumatism. The symptoms of tendinitis include muscle soreness as well as joint pain, swelling, and grating sensation as the arm moves. Treatments for tendinitis include lots of bed rest and possibly a plaster cast or splinting the joint.

As you can see, there are many possible causes behind right arm pain. The conditions listed in this article are merely intended to be used as a guide. If your arm pain is quite persistent and you feel like you may be dealing with a serious condition, it is recommended that you visit your doctor for a proper check up and diagnosis.

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