Reasons For Pain In Right Arm

A pain in the right arm can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, but it can also be from a number of other things.

When people experience this symptom, they commonly think that they are having either:

A heart attack

A stroke

But there are many reasons why a person can have a shooting pain in the right arm and a few of these reasons are not life threatening or anything to be concerned about.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve in the arm can be very painful and the symptoms of this condition mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. The sufferer will feel a tingling, numbing and pins-and-needles pain in the arm.

A pinched nerve happens from an injury to one of more of the nerves. It is thought to be from a work-related injury done over a long period of time. In some cases, this injury can be corrected, but this depends on how severe the injury was. Some people can suffer permanent damage from a pinched nerve.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Having a pinched nerve can cause pain in the right arm, but it can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition that is almost the same as a pinched nerve, but it is actually a compression of the nerves in the wrist. This can cause pain in the hand, wrist and arm.

Along with tingling and numbness, it can also cause weakness of the muscles that surround the compressed nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitious movement done over a long period of time. The only way to reduce the symptoms is to refrain from the activity causing the pain.


When it comes to heart disease, a pain in the right arm is a signature symptom of angina. This is a condition that causes other symptoms like pressure and heaviness in the chest area and aching and burning in the chest, arms, jaw and back.

Angina happens because of a decreased blood flow to the heart. It deprives the body of nutrients and oxygen, and the body has to adjust to this by producing lactic acid. This acid builds up in the heart muscle causing extreme pain. This condition usually only happens to people with coronary heart problems.

Occasionally, people have these types of symptoms from common indigestion. But it is recommended that people who have these symptoms see a doctor immediately to make sure that it is not an indication of an impending heart attack.


Fibromyalgia can cause pain in the body anywhere, including the arms. It affects the muscles and soft tissue and causes symptoms that include:


Sleep problems

Pain in one or more areas of the body

It can also cause depression because of the lack of energy and an inability to do everyday things.

There is no test that can be done to diagnose fibromyalgia, so it is often mistaken for another type of illness. A doctor can prescribe medications to lessen the pain of this condition.


Arthritis is another condition known to cause pain in any area of the body that has joints. This includes the:





Arthritis occurs from the inflammation in the joints and this causes swelling, pain and stiffness. There are many different types of arthritis and the treatment depends on what type a person is suffering with. Some types of arthritis are hereditary and can run in the family.

In most cases, a pain in the right arm is not a signal of an upcoming heart attack. But if there are also symptoms that include a heavy chest and difficulty breathing, it may be a problem with blood flow to the heart. In any case, it is best to seek the help of a qualified physician.

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