Understanding Possible Causes of Numbness in the Right Arm

Anytime there is numbness in the right arm, it should be cause of concern.  Although there are a number of reasons that would not be considered serious, numbness such as this could be an indication of something serious.  For this reason, if you ever were to experience numbness in the right arm, you should see your doctor.  Of course, if the numbness were coupled with trouble speaking, breathing problems, etc, then call 911.

The most common cause of numbness in the right arm is a pinched ulnar nerve.  For instance, if you were to bump your arm or elbow, or the “funny bone”, then you know the feeling that immediately follows of numbness.  This sensation is caused by hitting the ulnar nerve so it could simply be this nerve causing the numbness in the right arm and not something serious associated with the heart.

The numbness in the right arm could be distinguished relatively easy.  For instance, if the heart were involved, the pain would be called angina, which starts in the chest and then travels down both arms.  However, when this happens, the numbness or a tingling sensation would never affect the fingers.  On the other hand, if the ulnar nerve were involved, the numbness in the right arm would affect only this arm, as well as the fingers.  Of course, if the left arm were bumped, then numbness of the arm and fingers would be on the left side.

Keep in mind that any time numbness in the right arm lasts more than a couple of minutes, you should also contact your doctor since chances are the ulnar nerve is not the culprit.  Sometimes, this numbness could be caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is due to ligaments and/or tendons of the wrist becoming inflamed and enlarged.  In this case, the doctor would be able to determine if rest would cause the problem to cease or if surgery to release pressure on the ligaments and/or tendons would be required.

Another possibility for numbness  in the right arm is from having a chronic kidney disease.  For this, if the problem is diagnosed early, there is a good chance it could be treated successfully.  Unfortunately, if not treated early and properly, end-stage renal failure is a real likelihood.  Then, numbness in the right arm might be from a condition known as neuropathy.  Some types of neuropathy is minor but one type called ataxia is both rare and inherited, which causes problems with the nervous system.

Interestingly, even certain foods could be the reason for experiencing numbness in the right arm.  Contaminated shellfish is a huge problem, which actually puts poison in the body.  Cervical Disc Syndrome could be another cause, or even sleeping wrong on the arm and pinching some of the nerves.  Again, many times numbness in the right arm is nothing serious but if at any time you have concerns, a phone call to the doctor would help put your mind at ease so if you do need medical care, you would know.

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